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Why can't I see point data?

Singlepoint doesn't display point data, i.e the actual geographic location where a crime or incident occurs, it only displays an aggregated figure for an area. This is because: -

  • GMAC Singlepoint is not designed to be a tactical tool, it is intended to inform of trends over time and for senior personnel to make decisions on where to allocate resources. The point has been made that too much detail begins to take the web-based mapping element too far into in-depth analytical territory, at which point a manager or decision maker will refer their query to analyst to produce a more detailed analytical product.

  • The accuracy of where the actual crime occurred cannot always be verified. This is complex and is to do with how the data is recorded and entered into databases. Due to the possibility of an inaccurate recording of the location of a crime, and taking into account typographical errors, the validity of many points could be disputed. As this accuracy cannot be guaranteed, the decision was taken not to display it, especially as it would increase the sensitivity of the data and have the propensity for misunderstanding on the part of the viewer.


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