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Who owns Singlepoint?

In order to answer this question, an understanding is needed of what GMAC is - a partnership between local authorities and crime and disorder reduction agencies and partnerships within Greater Manchester. As all of these partners fund GMAC, in theory they all have a share in the system, making it a true partnership tool. Partners are therefore encouraged to contribute to and use the system, as it aims to make data and information more widely accessible across Greater Manchester.


Q & A

  • Why are Singlepoint maps important to understand?
  • What are 'Historic Maps'?
  • What are 'Custom Maps'?
  • What are 'Reports'?
  • Why can't I see Point Data?
  • How often is the data updated?
  • Who owns Singlepoint?
  • Why isn't it publicly available?
  • How can I get access?

  • Who produced the system behind Singlepoint?