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How often is the data updated?

Data is updated on a monthly basis to the Singlepoint system. This is for a number of reasons, which are listed below: -

  • Capacity - Currently Singlepoint is administrated by two to three persons in addition to their current roles. In order to display information through the system, it has to go through a complicated process of formatting, aggregation, load into a database, then formatting in the system in order to display correctly. This is a time consuming procedure, and currently can only be feasible on a monthly basis.

  • Accuracy of data - Due to late reporting and crimes and incidents changing in their nature, Singlepoint has a one month lag to prevent inaccurate figures as much as possible.

  • System design - As mentioned elsewhere, Singlepoint is designed to be a strategic, overhead perspective on crimes and incidents as part of a larger SARA process (Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment), which is different to a system with tactical application. Therefore, more regular updates would stray into the realm of tactical analysis and would not be consistent with the original purpose of the system.


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