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What are 'Custom Maps'?

Custom Maps are more complex than Instant Maps, and have been produced specifically by an analyst in order to meet a requirement they face locally, or that they have been commissioned to produce by someone within GMAC.

Custom maps are essentially the same as Instant Maps, in that they retain the interactive element of being able to zoom in and out, however they can incorporate more compelx elements such as graphs, bar charts and tables, as well as multiple maps on the same screen. Similarly, they are much more flexible in the data that they can display, as the creator is not confined to the data which is regularly updated for use in the 'Instant Maps' section, instead being able to show any data which the analyst has been able to apply to a specific geography type. Due to this increased application, it loses the flexibility the Instant Maps have to display any of the datasets on offer, and is instead confined only to displaying the data the map has been built with.

The custom maps section is worth exploring as it is a resource both for seeing different types of data, but also for more basic uses such as the ordnance survey map for printing. It can be accessed either directly from the logged-in page or from the 'Custom Maps' tab at the top of each of the pages.

You can view a Run through of the Custom Maps Section.


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