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Singlepoint User Guide

In order to familiarise yourself with the system, we recommend you download and view a short user guide aimed at users who are new to using web-based mapping systems. The guide can be downloaded on the following page from the documents section in Singlepoint: -

Go to the Singlepoint user guide download page

The guide will be updated periodically to include new features available in the system. If you would like additional information as to how to use the system, please use the 'Contact' link at the top of the screen.


Q & A

  • Why are Singlepoint maps important to understand?
  • What are 'Historic Maps'?
  • What are 'Custom Maps'?
  • What are 'Reports'?
  • Why can't I see Point Data?
  • How often is the data updated?
  • Who owns Singlepoint?
  • Why isn't it publicly available?
  • How can I get access?

  • Who produced the system behind Singlepoint?