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Postcode Geography

A postcode is defined as the unit by which the delivery of post is managed by Royal Mail. There are four components to the code (using an example of SO16 4GU): The "Area", i.e. "SO", the "District", i.e. "16", the "Sector", i.e. "4" and "Unit", i.e. "GU". A so-called "Unit Postcode", the smallest postal unit. This is the full postcode and the one that would be written on an address on a letter or email. Singlepoint uses larger geographies of postal sectors in Greater Manchester (for example BL4 1__) to present high-level information available from the National Probation Service: Greater Manchester.
To the left is a visual representation of Unit Postcodes for the Manchester District. As can be seen, it differs in shape from other geographies of similar size (Ward & Neighbourhood Community), and is suited more to some data types than others.
More information on Unit Postcodes can be found at: -The national statistics website


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