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2001 Census Geography

In order to present the anonymised results of the 2001 Census, a national set of geographies was produced to present the data trends by small area “locality” geography. Singlepoint presents two of these geographies:

  • Census Output Area - The primary low-level geographic unit for use in conjunction with aggregate data collected for the 2001 Census. Each Census Output Area will contain on average approximately 130 households and 300 people. There are 8,358 Census Output Areas covering the Greater Manchester area. Data is available for a huge range of data variables on the Office of National Statistics website: .

  • To the left is a visual representation of Census Output Areaas for the Manchester district. As can be observed, the boundaries are far smaller than Wards and therefore allow for a more accurate depiction of where something is actually occurring. Census Output Areas are the lowest geography to which Singlepoint can display data.

    More information on Census Output Areas can be found at: -
    The national statistics website
  • Lower Level Super Output Area - An alternative geographic hierarchy for use in reporting small area statistics. Super Output Areas exist at three different sizes. GMP primarily uses Lower Layer Super Output Areas. There are 1,646 Lower Layer SOAs covering the Greater Manchester area. The minimum population in these areas is 1000 and the average population is 1500.
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