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Introduction to data & disclaimer

This website includes crime and disorder related data from a variety of organisations involved in working together in partnership. Collectively, this data is shared under the provisions of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, subsequently strengthened and refined through the recent Police and Justice Act provisions. Inevitably, some of the aspects of data collection are complex, and only easily understood by community safety professionals who work with the data on a day-today basis. Nevertheless, non- expert users of this website may wish to consult the following information to inform their interpretation and general use of the mapped data as it is presented here.

Data Disclaimer: Please Read

Please remember that this data should be viewed as a snapshot for the period stated, and is not revisited. The nature of crime(s) may have changed since the snapshot was taken (for example due to late reporting), and as such should be viewed as an indication of crime levels only. Please be aware also that this data may differ slightly from audited figures, or those offered by more detailed Performance Management Systems. Currently, Singlepoint is not available to view either by the public or practitioners outside of Greater Manchester.


Q & A

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